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The history of LSM - from machine shop to pump manufacturer

LSM Pumps is a 100% Danish owned company, which started out in 1982 as a small mashine shop on the outskirts of Børglum. Here we started out selling agricultural machinery and tractors, also doing repairs of both with only one person employed.  After some years in the industry as a mashine shop, the idea of the hose pump surfaced. The making of this product wasn’t  easy, since it was something new to us, however our company needed new challenges.  Not only did we have to design and construct a new product, extra space was suddenly needed, which meant we had to relocate to a larger facility. Therefore, the company moved to Vrå in 1990, where we continued doing repairs on agricultural machinery and tractors, since it wasn’t possible to create a new product without income from another source. So, we continued with the regular repair shop, which constructed trucks in Sweden.

In 1993 the first hose pump was produced;  a round hose pump with two different sizes of hoses. We thought that we had found a great design and things were though out. However, during the next period of time many changes were made, since inquiry of the pump escalated. Thereby many new different sizes of the hose pump was developed in a short while, from small to very large pumps. This has provided us with much experience, and today we have the pleasure of providing 14 different sizes of hose pumps. Also, we have two models of the world’s first produced hose pumps  - other companies have tried to replicate, though without luck.

Since our assortment of pumps and their sizes proliferated, we again had to relocate. At this time facilities large enough wasn’t available, and so we decided we needed a new building. In 2008 we started constructing our new large building on Sigenvej 7 in Vrå, where we still are today, however, with an extension in 2017. Here we have three  large workshops, office buildings with space for all our employees, along with conference rooms and a lunch-room.

After getting our new facility, we have become more desirable and therefore started subsidiary companies in Germany as well as in USA, and have also gotten distributors worldwide. Thus, we exhibit at many different fairs around the world in countries like Germany, Chile, Polen, Norway, Sweden and Denmark. 

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