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LMS pumps are also represented in the agriculture industry. We have sold many pumps to farmers all over Denmark. The LSM pump is an amazing product for this specific job. Pumps used in this industry are usually LSM-65, LSM-80, LSM-100, and LSM-125. Which pump to use depends on the job it’s needed for; how much does the individual farmer need to pump, and what needs pumping.

Typically, we pump slurry which contains a lot of sand and which is a very viscous liquid. This however, is not a problem for the LSM pump, since it both pushes and exhausts it slurry through the pump inside the hose. This means that the slurry does not get in contact with the moving parts.

For one thing, we pump the slurry from the pre-tank to the storage tank. The distance between the two is often far, and so the slurry has to be pumped in great distances. The longest stretch we have pumped so far is 1.5 km with an engine at only 4 kW, which tells that LSM pumps are very energy-efficient.

LSM pumps also have experience with pumping grains, where we pump seed dressing to protect the grains. We can also pump molasses at animal feed factories.

In the case that the fertilizer is very dry, we are able to deliver augers and agitators for the tank. 

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