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The world's BIGGEST hose pump just got a "LITTLE NEW"

The world's BIGGEST hose pump just got a "LITTLE NEW"

It sounds unlikely - but nevertheless Leo Sørensen, the owner and founder of LSM Pumper in Vraa, has once again succeeded in developing a world first - namely a smaller version of the world's largest linear hose pump.

So, you can't say that it's also world news!

YES – you can actually do that. For this "LITTLE NEW" is admittedly only approx. 1/3 in size and capacity, than our LSM300 linear pump, which IS a World NEWS - BUT since LSM125 is made of stainless steel, with

glass-blown surface, it is extremely suitable for food industry – and the only one on the market in this design - yes, it's yet another WORLD NEWS from LSM.

And they work hard and in the late hours to get it finished, as it has to be presented on

The SPG Seafood Expo exhibition is in Barcelona from April 23rd to April 27th.

So come and have a look - at our Booth in HAL3 stand DD201



Developed for the gentle transport of live fish in the fishing industry and aqua culture:

  • Smal shrimp
  • Larger shrimp
  • Trout
  • Juvenile

The advantages of the pump:

  • Low energy consumption
  • Self priming
  • For large particles
  • Low maintenance

The pump's applications:

  • Aqua culture
  • The fishing industry
  • The food industry
  • Aqua culture

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