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Extra or Modifications

An LSM peristaltic hose pump is a major investment so it is all the more important for our customers to get the product they ask for. We are a pump manufacturer, developing, designing and producing our own pumps so you get a high-quality product 100% made in Denmark. We have a wealth of experience customising our pumps to meet your needs.

Here are some of our customised solutions:

- Stainless steel gear/motor screen

- Frequency converter

- Lifting equipment

- Right-angle gear

- Specially adapted frame

- Mobile/portable pump

- Custom colour paint

- Upturned connections

- Coated connections

- Pipes, fittings etc.

- Flow meter, pressure sensor, etc.

- And many other solutions

Nothing is impossible – just ask. Get in touch so we can work together on a solution that meets your particular needs.

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