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Can the power consumption be reduced by a factor of 2.5?

On Nordjyllandsværket - Vattenfall A/S in Vodskov, Denmark, three new LSM peristaltic pumps replaced three old peristaltic pumps during the summer of 2015.

The coal-fired power plant uses lime to purify the exhaust gasses from sulfur. Peristaltic pumps are used to pump the lime slurry in the system.

With a total output of 334 MW electrical power and 450 MJ/s of thermal power, one should think that energy is not a problem. However, the fact is that the Nordjyllandsværket is at the forefront in the world when it comes to efficiency. Up to 91% of the energy in the coal is used. But the energy should be sold, not used internally. To remain competitive, savings must be made where possible.

“We purchased the first LSM peristaltic pump in 2012. We have very good experience with that pump. Among other things, we can document a 50% reduction in repair costs over a 17,000-hour operating period "says Engineer Svend Mølbach, Nordjyllandsværket. “We use four peristaltic pumps for dosing lime slurry with a density of between 1200 and 1350 kg / m3 and a pH of > 10. We use the lime slurry to keep a constant pH of about 5.35 in our 1100 m3 large absorber"

"This year we replaced three old pumps with new LSM50. We were curious about the new LSM pumps with only ¼-engine size of what we had in the past would be sufficient. But we achieved the required 6 m³ per hour and per pump without difficulty. The pumps run quietly and efficiently, and we have reduced our energy consumption per pumped m3 significantly. For us it is an added bonus that it is easy to change a hose on a LSM pump. It helps to improve our work environment. We are very pleased with our now four LSM peristaltic pumps" Svend Mølbach concludes the story.

Leo Sørensen, CEO of LSM Pumps commented: "We see quite often significant savings in energy consumption when we replace old pumps with new LSM peristaltic pumps. Peristaltic pumps with slide shoes are simply energy guzzlers. In addition, the LSM peristaltic pumps have the largest displacement on the market and therefore run slower and quieter. So we have not only the low energy consumption but also long life to the pump".


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